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Facial Toners


Toner Superieure

Refining Large Pores

A facial toner is the best way to deal with large pores. It will give your skin a smoother, more flawless look and will create healthier skin with fewer breakouts.

Reducing Breakouts

A botanical toner will clear the complexion of all skin types by flushing the pores and rinsing out debris, protecting from harmful bacteria, and reducing excess oil, providing the deep cleansing that skin needs to stay healthy.

Healthy pH

A good facial toner will restore the skin’s pH balance and minimize and refine pores so they are less easily clogged.

Botanical Toners

Pores can be minimized with astringent botanical extracts. They cause skin to contract and pores to tighten. They are safe, effective and time-proven, and they come with anti-aging and clarifying benefits.


Botanicals work best in combination as they each have powerful antioxidants with unique properties. Blends are ideal - the extracts will act synergystically to compliment each other.

For All Skin Types

All skin types can benefit from facial toners. Depending on how they are formulated, they can refine the skin’s surface, restore its pH, protect it from aging, clarify the complexion, and reduce breakouts.


Some facial toners, even organic ones, contain large amounts of alcohol. These are best avoided, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin.

Using a toner

Use your toner every day after you cleanse. You can boost its pore minimizing effect by keeping it refrigerated.

Toner Superieure

Toner Superieure contains nine botanicals to refine pores and clear the complexion. It is certified organic. Click here for more information.


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