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Five classic beauty mistakes


gaelle-0174-profile.jpgI feel sad when I listen to people tell me of all the trials and tribulations they’ve been through with skin care. How they still feel a bit confused about which products they need, and when and where and why. Which beauty ingredients are the right ones for them and what to do with them.

I’m so happy to spread the message that beauty is much, much simpler than that. You have it already, by dint of who you are! You are already shining through. Others truly do see your kindness or humor or loyalty, or the other things that give you, uniquely, your beauty.

But, good beauty habits do help! And here are a few classic beauty errors I’d love to steer you away from:

1. Seeking beauty through makeup.

Foundation might feel like a nifty cover-up, but it’s aging. Cultivate great skin, and you won’t feel in need of makeup to fix things up. 

2. Over-complicating things.

A cream for madam’s undereye? A potion for your cleavage? A different lotion for mornings, lunchtimes, nightimes, and full moons? Our skin is the same at any time of day, and a perfectly-formulated skin product should be as right for your undereye or your neck as it is for your cheeks and your forehead. The goal is beautiful skin absolutely all over.

3. Over-reliance on chemicals.

Inside and out, our bodies thrive in nature. The harsh ingredients and drying alcohols used in so many ‘beauty’ products are not what your skin would ask for it if could talk. I love that ‘organic’ and ‘effective’ are not in conflict. In a great product, they work together like magic.

4. Seeing beauty as separate from wider well-being.

Eating well, spending time in nature, exercise that your body enjoys: these are the kind of habits that feed your beauty.

5. Thinking that beauty is something that is only on the outside.

Cultivating great relationships with others, and cultivating a great relationship with yourself, are also habits that feed your beauty.

The recipe for beauty - for feeling great on the inside and the outside - is simple, natural and healthy.


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