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Five good reasons to choose eco-certified products for your skin


Getting ourselves certified by  Ecocert was a bigger deal than I had expected. The level of detail!  But actually I was thrilled that they take the quality of our products so seriously, and here’s why.

1. Full Disclosure of Ingredients & Verified Organic Content

  • Ecocert requires that at least 95% of the plant ingredients in our products be certified as from organic farming.
  • These plants must be processed as lightly as possible.
  • Harmful synthetic ingredients are completely banned.
  • We tell you exactly what’s in all of our products. You see the complete ingredient list, not just selected ‘key ingredients.’
  • All claims of "organic" content are independently verified.

2. Alcohol-Free Organic Skincare

  • Most organic skincare contains a lot of alcohol as that is the only reliable preservative allowed under the U.S. organic standard. But we find alcohol is too drying for the skin and that the full power of organic skincare only becomes available when it is free of alcohol. That's why we chose to be certified by Ecocert.
  • Ecocert is Europe’s leading organic certifier and their organic cosmetic standard supports top quality skincare without the use of alcohol as a preservative.

3. GMO-free

  • No GMOs. These are plants the way that nature intended.
  • No irradiation or toxic processing.

4. Cruelty-free

  • No animal testing, and no ingredients that have been tested on animals.
  • No ingredients whose production harms animals.

5. Kind to the environment

  • Ingredients certified by Ecocert must be kind to the natural world – for example no degradation or contamination of landscape is permitted - ‘negative effects on the natural balance’ are not allowed.
  • Packaging must be recyclable. We bring each of our products to you in one of our beautiful boxes, to keep them out of direct sunlight and preserve all of their potency. But, we keep our packaging to an elegant minimum.


Ecocert have taken a really good hard look at our products, and all the processes we use to bring them to you, and have confirmed that we are in full compliance with their organic cosmetic standard.

And they inspect our lab and audit our records every year to make sure we remain in compliance with it.

We are thrilled to make  eco-certified products. With them, you can enjoy the amazing benefits of alcohol-free organic skincare and see results that speak for themselves!


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