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How many creams do you really need?


People are always asking me why I don’t make an eye cream, or a night cream, or a neck cream. How come we have only two creams? Our retailers say more creams would fill up their shelf space and be good for business. So why don’t we make more of them?

The fact is, there is no need for extra creams.

One Cream Does It All

If a moisturizer works well on the thinner, delicate skin under your eyes, it will work just as well everywhere else; and if it is not good enough for delicate parts of your face, why use it anywhere at all?

The reason you see a different result from moisturizing at night is because your skin is shielded from environmental stressors while you are sleeping, and your body goes into healing and restoration mode. That’s what makes the difference to your skin, not the different cream that you use at night.

A good moisturizer should work all over your face, neck and decollete, day and night. You only need one that works.

Seeing is believing

You can easily tell if your moisturizer is working. It should plump up your fine lines right away, and your skin should feel silky-smooth and look radiant - immediately. Also, it should keep getting better.

The solution is not to buy more creams for different parts of your face, or for different times of day or night. The solution is to find a moisturizer that works. Quality makes the difference, not quantity.

The two moisturizers we make are blended from the finest organic ingredients, rich in antioxidants and anti-aging factors, to provide potent skincare with results you can see right away. One is for normal skin, the other is for especially sensitive skin.

You can read more about our organic anti-aging moisturizers here: Crème Supérieure and Ultra Sensitive Crème.

But remember, you only need one of them. Beautiful skin is for quality lovers.


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