Open jar of Exfoliant Superieure, the best exfoliator for dry skinExfolisnt Superieure travel-size, the best organic exfoliator for mature skin, on a plain background

Exfoliant Supérieure Travel Size

Formulated with BHA from willow bark extract and finely-milled Breton sea salt, this natural exfoliator refines pores, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and restores radiant, healthy-looking skin

Travel Size Organic Body Lotion For Mature SkinTravel and Full Size Organic Body Moisturizers

Body Crème Supérieure Travel Size

An opulent treatment for head to toe hydration, Body Crème Supérieure is a luxurious organic moisturizer for shower-to-shower, silky-smooth skin, perfect for dry or mature skin

An open jar of Exfoliant Superieure, the best natural exfoliator for dry skin, on a soft ivory backgroundTravel-size Gaelle Organic Signature Treatment for fine lines consisting of Exfoliant Superieure and Masque Superieure, on a plain background

Signature Treatment Travel Size

Botanical Peel & Radiance Booster Exfoliant Supérieure purifies pores and enhances cell turnover, giving skin an instant glow; Masque Supérieure completes the treatment with intense hydration, reducing fine lines and creating luminous skin

Ultra Revitalizing Masque Travel SizeThe best organic mask for mature skin

Ultra Revitalizing Masque Travel Size

A deeply-penetrating hyaluronic treatment, infused with 32 high-performance natural actives, to enhance smoothness and reduce appearance of sagging of mature skin

Model brushing on a natural clarifying mask to reduce redness and irritationsTravel-size Ultra Clarifying Masque, an organic mask for reactive skin, on a plain background

Ultra Clarifying Masque Travel Size

A calming treatment to reduce redness, soothe irritation and clear the complexion


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