Hand holding Serum Superieure, an anti-aging serum to brighten dry skinSerum Superieure, an anti-aging serum to brighten the complexion, on a plain background

Serum Supérieure

An anti-aging serum to reduce dark circles under the eyes, brighten the complexion and reduce the appearance of fine lines

Exfoliant Superieure, a natural exfoliator to reduce fine linesExfoliant Superieure, an organic moisturizing exfoliator, on a plain background

Exfoliant Supérieure

Formulated with BHA from willow bark extract and finely-milled Breton sea salt, this natural exfoliator refines pores, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and restores radiant, healthy-looking skin

Masque Superieure, an organic hydrating mask, on a pink stone with a silk scarfMasque Superieure, a deeply hydrating mask, on a plain background

Masque Supérieure

Rich in seaweed and botanical extracts with Goji and Acai berries, this deeply hydrating and radiance-boosting masque revitalizes the complexion and reduces the appearance of fine lines

An open jar of Exfoliant Superieure, an organic exfoliator for reducing fine lines and creating a glowing complexion, on a soft ivory backgroundThe Gaelle Organic Signature Treatment to reduce fine lines and create glowing skin, consisting of Exfoliant Superieure and Masque Superieure, on a plain background

Signature Treatment

Botanical Peel & Radiance Booster Exfoliant Supérieure purifies pores and enhances cell turnover, giving skin an instant glow; Masque Supérieure completes the treatment with intense hydration, reducing fine lines & creating luminous skin

Travel-Size Anti-Aging Skincare BundleTravel-Size Organic Skincare for Glow with Pearls and Rose Quartz

Anti-Aging Glow Set


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Welcome to Gaelle Organic, home of the best natural skincare for lightening dark circles and brightening the skin. Our skin brightening solutions include an anti-aging serum for dark circles and face, a natural exfoliator to brighten the face, and a radiance-boosting mask. These products may be used separately, or in combination as needed.
The best anti-aging serum for dark circles and dullness
Serum Supérieure is an anti-aging serum with more than 20 botanical extracts to brighten dull skin, lighten under-eye circles, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can be used every day by all skin types as an eye cream for dark circles and fine lines. For skin that is not dry, it can also be used as an anti-aging moisturizer. For very dry skin, it should be applied prior to moisturizing, letting it absorb first.
An organic exfoliator for dull skin and dark circles
Exfoliant Supérieure is a dual action exfoliator and natural peel for dull skin and under-eye circles. It sloughs off dead cells, instantly revealing brighter, glowing skin while polishing its texture. Use Exfoliant Supérieure whenever you want to see dullness and fine lines disappear!
An organic mask for dark circles and brighter skin
Masque Supérieure lightens dark circles and boosts skin's radiance. It is deeply hydrating, making it especially helpful with dry skin. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines.
A complete natural treatment to brighten dark circles and add glow to the complexion
Use Masque Supérieure in tandem with Exfoliant Supérieure to create a potent natural treatment for dark circles and dull skin, always starting treatment with the exfoliator. Follow up with Serum Supérieure for maximum results.