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Balm superieure

I love this oil. I’ve been using it for over a year now. It’s good for my aging skin, I’m 64 years old, and it’s an easy way to cleanse my face at night.

3rd Jar

I cannot go without this cream, when I try, my skin can tell and suffers. I’m on my 3rd jar, a little goes a long and it last for months. Super lux, my sensitive/PD skins loves it. Highly recommend.

Best soap ever!!

I love this soap and everything about it! It’s perfect in every way, such a wonderful natural and nourishing soap!!

Love Gaelle’s products!!!!

I have dry, sensitive skin and have tried most of the high end skin brands. Gaelle Organic is definitely the cashmere of skin care. D Grazi

Ultra Sensitive Creme Petite

This cream is the finest I have ever used! The texture, scent and the speed which it absorbs is wonderful. It always makes my delicate and dry skin feel refreshed and hydrated.


Love it. Especially in winter.

Superior Serum Supérieure!

I’ve been using facial cream from Gaelle Organic for quite some time and finally ordered this lovely item. I couldn’t believe how my skin literally soaked it up. I thought it might be too much product to use this and follow with my usual Cream Superieure but that hasn’t been the case. My skin seems to be very happy with both treatments and that makes ME very happy.

Lovely texture

This cream is divine and is what I was always looking for; which is radiance to my skin. Texture is lovely and spreads easily on face, neck and around the eyes.

Ultra Sensitive Creme Petite

Beautiful scent,very hydrating and effective against dryness and harm from the cold weather and indoor heat.


After 9 months of getting rosacea and perioral and periocular dermatitis under control...this cream is a wonderful discovery . It doesn’t cause new irritation - unlike just about every other ‘ clean ‘
oil or moisturizer I have tried. THANK YOU

Ultra Sensitive Cream

Love it! I used to have very oily skin, but it has dried out the older I’ve gotten, remaining very sensitive. This cream doesn’t irritate my skin.

Light and airy

Total moisture package! Very dense and creamy but once it’s on your face it changes to this light, airy, moisture barrier. And that says something for wintertime skin! Beautiful feeling, no clogged pores. Love it



Love the travel care package.

Love the travel care products, will be ordering the regular size in the near future.
Thank you Gaelle

Creme Superieure is THE BEST!

I have ultra dry skin. I have tried over 25 moisturizing creams. This one is tops in my book. It works wonders to keep my skin looking youthful. And, it’s organic and all natural. It’s a 10 of of 10!


I have used this for 2 years, people always as me how my skin looks so amazing. I have gotten many people hooked on this face cream. Love it!!!

Feels and smells wonderful

This body creme is so moisturizing. I really love it.

Have used for many years. Like it

5 stars!

I have been using this facial cream for a few years and LOVE it!

Excellent moisturizer

I've rebought this several times. Wonderful moisturizer; skin still dewy after all night.

I like the products as my skin absorbs them. I have a question: I have always had combination skin and never thought I’d like an oil based cleanser. It seems to work. It looks like your products are mostly geared to dry skin. Is this true? I haven’t seen anything labeled, “for oily skin” or “combination skin.” Thanks.

Creme Supérieure Superior!!!

I love Creme Superieure…I love the whole line and regimin and use it daily. I am an avid golfer living in the southwest under an intensive sun. I am 68 years old and this line of products keeps my skin, soft, supple, and makes my wrinkles less noticeable. Also, I have numerous allergies and many products I put on my face make my eyes and nose run. I have tried dozens of different products and finally found the one for my lifetime. Thank you Gaelle Organic.

Helps my eczema!!!

I started using Body Creme and notices remarkable hydration to my skin. Improved my eczema as well. Would recommend this product highly!!!

Been buying for years....

This is the only product I've used that I feel like has actually penetrated my dry skin and made a visible difference.

My favorite

Best aroma and smoothest cream for my face