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Crème Supérieure
Kate Ingram
Supérieure products!

Using the rich cream, the cleansing balm, the exfoliant & the bar soap for just one week has refreshed my skin so much, already. It not only feels great, it also looks more alive and healthy. Thank you so much for making & selling these!

Excellent Product

The Body Creme Superieure is great because it does not cause any skin irritation or clogged pours. It does for the most part seep in without leaving a heavy oily feeling on the skin, however is does leave the palms of my hands feeling greasy when I am finished using on my body. Also even though it's unscented the creme does have a Citronella type smell to it and as a man, it'a a bit feminine. It does wear off after a period though.

Trying it out, from my fave skin care company!

Fave nourishment for the face. Long time user.

Gaelle Organic is all I've used for 15 years and I've gotten many people hooked on this skin care. Simply the best nourishment for your skin. My faves are the creme superieure, the exfoliant, the serum and I'm adding the Elixir to the party now.

Toner Supérieure
Jessica Longshore
Lovely product and service!

The products are lovely as well as the packaging! The service is fantastic! Very much enjoying my Gaelle products and experience!

Ultra Contouring Elixir
Nancy Cantwell
Best I’ve used

I’m in my 70’s and this is truly the best skin regime I’ve ever used

Body Crème Supérieure
Sinead Parmo Jensen

Body Crème Supérieure

Ultra Sensitive Crème
Wayne Mercier
Very nice cream

Thank You

Crème Supérieure
Minerva Rodriguez
Love how my skin feels

I wear it in the morning and evening. Love how soft my skin feels

Crème Supérieure

My skin has improved greatly. Every other product I’ve used prior on my dry & sensitive skin irritated my skin or had to affect. My skin loves all the products. My skin looks great and feels nourished. I am so glad I found this company. Love at first try!

Ultra sensitive cream

I have the most sensitive skin and can not find cream for my sensitive skin. But ultra sensitive cream is perfect for my skin. After wearing it, my ski is very comfortable and moisture. It is wonderful high quality cream. I recommend it . Thank you for finding right cream for my skin

Simply the best !!

My skin easily gets irritated and I’ve battled skin issues for years. Well thanks to the Gaelle products, I no longer have issues. My skin soaks up all the products in such a positive way. The products are skin loving. My skin has transformed and I’m loving it!

Love your products

I’ve been using the products for a couple of years and my skin looks great.


This was just a bit too heavy/oily for my skin.
Is there a no net back guarantee?

Soft Skin

I've been using the serum and creme superieur for three weeks and I love the moist feel and dewy look. Thank you.

Happy skin

I’m so grateful to have found these beautiful products for my skin.
Before Gaelle Organics my skin was dehydrated , and had a complete lack of lustre.
It is now supple , glowing and feels fantastic.
Thanks heaps for all your time in making such wonderful skin care .

Glowy and supple skin!

I’ve been using two serums and the ultra sensitive cream for about two weeks now and I already notice a huge difference. Glowy, deeply hydrated and supple skin. Less wrinkles and overall less pigmentation in my problem areas. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to any age group that is looking for a great hydrating skin regimen

Love the products!

I’ve been using the line for about 6 months. While it is pricey, I really feel it’s worth every penny. I’m 74 and my skin is okay. Believe in all natural, so I don’t like a ton of makeup. My dark spots have improved, my skin is not dry and it feels better!

Eye Cream

I like it, absorbs easily and is silky

Organic, Nourishing & Smell Wonderful

Appreciate how soft & deeply moisturized my skin feels. Adding the exfoliant, serums & masques to my routine greatly improved my skin tone. In 3 months it’s gone from dull to ever increasing radiance. It has softened the deeper & fine lines even for one in her 70’s. Very Grateful for the purity & Love the scents!

Happy customer

I have never worked with a better company. I was privileged to speak with Gaelle personally and am so grateful for all her suggestions. The products are better than I thought and packaged beautifully. The cost is very affordable for such an outstanding product.
Sincerely, Teri Smith

Luxurious Skincare Line

Gaelle Organic provides a comprehensive skincare line of organic products for cleansing, nourishing, healing, and moisturizing that are luxurious and pure. I love the addition of several new masks and facial serums! I’m a big fan!

Great Products!

My skin is smoother and more hydrated that it has been in a long time.

Crème Supérieure
Katrina Johnson
Love my products!!!

I have very sensitive skin. I did find the balm superior oil cleanser is wonderful and the cream superior moisturizer, and I also use coconut oil daily and at night I use the ultra clarifying serum.I have found my new daily ritual and my skin loves it .I did find having very sensitive skin . The toner superior is too harsh for my skin and I also found the soap superior rose geranium moisturizer cleanser bar and the ultra sensitive cream have too many essential oils in them for my skin and gives me a burning sensation. That’s a normal reaction for my skin with certain products.