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My favorite soap!

I have been using this soap for a while now for my entire body. My skin feels soft and moisturized. The smell is so lovely. I love this soap!

Loving it!

Just started using the ultra revitalizing serum and the ultra contouring elixir for a week now. Already I am seeing my fine lines disappear and loving the look and feel of my skin. I love that she uses organic ingredients in all her products! I have been using Gaelle’s other products for a while now and will continue to do so. Thank you Gaelle!

i find it hard to believe that any skin cream could smell so good i was almost tempted to try some as a salad dressing, i am really happy with this product and trust the integrity of this company

Can not live without these products!

I bought the Rejuvenating: Complete Collection. Amazing results! I am 78 years old, and what an improvement in my skin. My fine lines have soften and my deeper wrinkles have filled in more. My skin was dry and now it is hydrated. Love these products! So happy with the results.

Ultra Rejuvenating Treatment
Debra A Wachtstetter
Ultrarwvitalizing Seru.

One of the best serums I have ever used! I love how it makes my skin look and feel!

Crème Supérieure
Diane Backovich
Moisture for a life time

I have been using Gaelle Organic now for over 15 years. I have very dry skin and this is the only product that keeps my skin moist from morning to night. I highly recommend their products.

Love this - feel healthy putting it on

Thank you so much for your wonderful products. I just got my moisturizer last night and was so excited to put it on - it feels and smells wonderful and I feel like I am putting something healthy on my skin. Thank you so much for this product!!!!

Ultra Revitalizing Serum
Alison Richards
Exceeded all my expectations

The new rejuvenating serum and elixir are just amazing - they really make a difference ! I’ve just turn 70 and have been disappointed so many times in the past by promises from other brands. But I’ve used Gaelle products before and decided to give these new products a go. They really DO what they say.. I’m blown away. Can’t quite believe it… but they do! Thank you ,Gaelle ,for making something that really, visibly works….and for the inspiration you have given me… and others, I’m sure… that you are continuing to innovate and build your business at a time when the world thinks we are done! . Gaelle, you ROCK

Love this product

I decided to give the ultra contouring elixir and the ultra revitalizing serum a try because I loved the ultra sensitive cream so much. Well, I wasn’t disappointed. I’m very happy with the look of my skin. I will buy more from gaelle organic.

Great products

I love the scrub and mask. As an esthetician it’s important to me to have clean products that work. Will definitely be trying other products from this company

Serum Supérieure
Loving the results!

I’m using the balm at night and soap in the morning. I use the toner, serum, and moisturizer. I also have their amazing exfoliant and mask. My skin has never looked better!
I don’t need to filter my photos !!!

Balm Supérieure
Wanda Fitzpatrick
clarifying products

I purchased the balm, toner & geranium rose soap along with travel sizes of the balm, toner & moisturize. These are my favorite products and consistently make my face radiant! 88 years old and still looking good. Thanks for the help.

Crème Supérieure
Marsha Cifarelli
Love my moisturizer

My moisturizer is the 1st and only to keep my face feeling moist and pliant. My experiences in my long life no matter how expensive the moisturizers were after a while my skin would feel tight almost sore from dryness. I'm very happy with my product

Crème Supérieure
Anne Marie Gillen
Creme Superieure

I love this face creme. Use every morning and evening. Just the right moisture level, not too oily. Perfect! My skin has never looked so good.

Crème Superieure

I’ve been using this product for over 10 years. Creamy and non-greasy. Great for day and night. The best face cream ever!

Crème Supérieure
Love this cream !!!!

My sister introduced me to this product and I now have been using for 4 years —- best cream with great results —- I like that I don’t fuss with 4 different creams everyday . I am a very happy customer

Anti-Aging Glow Set
Amazing products & Amazing customer service!

My skin was transformed from the first usage!
I am extremely happy. My extremely sensitive skin had no negative reactions, just beautiful skin revealed! My skin appears fresh, flawless, dewy, and soft.
Customer service was excellent. They were responsive and very helpful. What a great company this is! I am a customer for life.

Body Crème Supérieure
Danielle Mason
Saved my skin

I broke out in a heat rash due to a medication I take for MS. Nothing helped. I tried Benadryl cream, antihistamines, Eczema cream, oat meal baths, literally nothing. I had the travel sized body lotion I got as a free gift and thought why not. Within 2 applications they rash stopped itching, I could move without pain, it was life saving!!!

Crème Supérieure
Cynthia Henry
Night cream

I really like this cream!

Love the Exfoliant Superieure!

The title of my e-mail says it all. I love the Exfoliant Superieure! It leaves my face feeling moisturized as well as clean. I just bought a jar to give to my sister.

The only cleaner I will use on my face

I have extremely sensitive/reactive skin and this cleanser has never caused me to break out or have a reaction. It’s the only cleanser I will use and it also smells amazing. It’s one of my all time favorite products.

Top Rate

Exfoliant Superieure is the perfect addition to skin care routine. Leaves your skin smoothed and ultimately prepared to work the most advantageous with Superieure to follow.

Ultra Sensitive Crème
Patricia Pyke
Facial moisturizer

This is the first time using this product, I really like it, it’s not greasy and makes my skin feel soft. Having sensitive skin I was a little nervous to try something new, I will be buying it again.

Body Crème Supérieure
Maxine Silverstone
Supreme moisture for my body

My body was so dry. I needed help, and the Body Creme Superieure came to my rescue. I live in a dry desert city. and I tried ever body creme I saw advertised for dehydrated skin. I spent a lot of money and was not happy. Then I found your wonderful body creme. I tell everyone about it. It is pure magic!!!

Toner Supérieure
Debra A Wachtstetter
Toner Superiere

Very lovely scent. Really like how it seems to tighten the skin. However, the dispencer does not work well so I am probably using more than I should-since I have tou pour it in my had to apply it. Very nice product.