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Exfoliant Superieure Petite

Such a lovely product! It gently buffs away dead skin beautifully and safely. This is a pleasure to use .

Younger Looking Skin

I have been using Gaelle Organic products for over 5 years. Everyone I meet remarks how wonderful my skin looks and that I do not look my age of 70. Love the glow it gives my skin, do not need any make-up when using the moisturizer. Love it! Thank you Gaelle

Crème Supérieure
Marlene Glen
Crème Superiure

I love this cream. Have been using it for well over ten years. Met Gaelle about 15 years ago in Larchmont CA while she was representing her products. Since then I moved to LA and still love it.

Best Yet

For years I have been hop scotching through the numerous varieties of skin care looking for the Holy Grail. I started using Gaelle Organic 2 1/2 years ago and never found the need to look any further. Gaelle Organic checked all the boxes for what I was looking for in a skin care routine. I have been trying to get that radiant glow for years and I am happy to say I finally attained it. Thank you Gaelle Organic.

Balm Supérieure
Judy Mannaberg-Goldman

I have been a client of Gaelle's for many years now and highly recommend her line of products. In no particular order of preference, the products are organic, few vital products do the job. I particularly appreciate the fact that I don’t have to use several products for different parts of my face, the oil is for the face AND it removes mascara. I’m also thrilled that the products come is glass and not plastic. And the line is outstanding. Cannot recommend more highly.

Clean Beautiful Skincare Line

I have worked in retail cosmetics for over 14 years, tried countless lines of skincare and have spent thousands of dollars. This is by far one of the most beautiful, clean, luxurious brands I have ever used and the best is clean, organic and great for your skin. It's a must try for anyone looking for clean quality skincare.


I have been using severalof Gaelle Organics products and I am addicted to the feel, the smell and the results. I have mature sensitive skin and a tendency in my family for many lip wrinkles. My every day products are the soap or Balm cleaner, recently the Serum (LOVE!) and my absolute favorite the Creme Superieure. It is something you must try to believe. My skin appears more moist glowing and less wrinkles. On occasion I use the exfoliant (so important for me). It remove all those lifeless cells on my face and I literally feel my cells start to breath. I trust these products totally and I am a very picky person when it comes to what I put on my skin.

The Clarifying Routine
Wanda Fitzpatrick
clarifying routine

some of the important products for a younger me

Crème Supérieure Petite
Jill-Armanda Ward
Love the products!

The products make my skin feel fantastic! Will continue to use.

Crème Supérieure
Nancy Cantwell

I’ve been a CRÈME SUPÉRIEURE fanatic ever since I found it locally…BUT order it online to get the best shipping and discounts! Love Love

Finally one that really works!

I have the "Ultra Sensitive" cream and I'm sharing my excitement for this product! I have tried so many products looking for the "one" that a 69 year old woman with dry skin that wants relief...and I found it in your product. Thank you so much! I am into my second purchase and I will stick with this wonderful cream! Karen in Indiana

Crème Supérieure
Meredeth Calero
Terrible scent and 1% unnatural ingredients per the box

The scent of this cream is terrible. Please be warned. My bf kissed me after applying and immediately commented, “eww, what’s that smell?” It does quickly dissipate but still gives me the creeps. Secondarily, the box says only 99% natural origin. Why? Just make it 100% natural. Also, extremely skeptical of the addition of squalane. The cream does have a lovely rich thick moisturizing effect so I’ll use it this cold season, but will not repurchase. Wish I had known these things prior to buying. Not trying to be a jerk, just honestly sharing what I wish I paid attention to before buying.


I LOVE ALL of the products in this set! Amazing quality and I am already seeing and feeling improvement in the texture and firmness of my skin! Fine lines are also less noticeable! I only wish I’d found Gaelle sooner!! Just ordered the BODY CRÈME SUPÉRIEURE thank you!

awesome products and wonderful customer service!

i have been using gaelle.i love the fragrance in all of the products,and i did soap,everythina survey,and i was so the i was hoping it would be the rose and geranium,i cut it into pieces,and all of my clothed smell beautiful! way yo go

Best skin cream ever

I have been using Gaelle organic Products for over five years and Not a week goes by that I do not get a compliment on my skin. I am 72 years old and I look like I am 60 because of Gaelle’s High quality organic skin cream products. My skin is moist, fresh and I barely have any lines at all. In case you think this would happen anyway, when I do try another product for a few days, I Immediately see a difference, and not a positive one! I know that the highest rating on the survey is five stars, but honestly I would give it 10.

Toner Supérieure
Debbi Innes
Balm superieure

I love using this balm in the evening. It easily cleans my face without drying it out. I’ve been using it for years now.

Serum Supérieure
Nancy Cantwell
No Substitute!

Gaelle Organics have been my go to now for years. The Serum Supérieure is a must have. I follow with the Crème Supérieure and now my skin feels hydrated and luminous. And for an extra smooth feeling definitely the Exfoliant Supérieure is a must. Love!

Crème Supérieure
Tamara Marie Watson
AMAZING - nothing like it !

I’ve been using it religiously for 15 years! I ALWAYS get compliments on my skin. I have turned numerous people into loyal customers and it’s BECAUSE they ask about my skin! As soon as you try this you will never use anything else. You will sees a difference after one time. I have dry, fair skin and have always used a good moisturizer. I would buy the company if I could.

Glad I finally tried this!

I finally ordered the exfoliant and masque and after trying both today I am very happy with the results. My skin glows! I have tried the exfoliant on its own with the same results, glowing skin. I am amazed at how moisturizing the exfoliant is. Thank you Gaelle for these wonderful products.

Serum Supérieure
Shauna Redford
Look no more

I have been a huge fan of the body lotion, the facial lotion the exfoliant and the serum superieure. These are items that have simplified my beauty and anti-aging regimen. I have come to trust and love what Gail Organics puts out there. So I recently decided to try the toner and the balm as well. I cant say a negative word. The toner is deeply cleansing. The the balm cleans off makeup while treating your skin well and smelling really lovely. I only wish the products were less expensive. But then.. they last a while and its a comfort knowing that what you put on your skin is all good ingredients. I really love this company. S

Exfoliant Supérieure
Alison Richards
Wonderful exfoliatior!

I LOVE this salt exfoliatior. Just ordered my second pot. It feels wonderful when you apply it… and it leaves my skin soft and visibly glowing -.even if I only have time to leave it on for a couple of minutes while I clean my teeth. I have sensitive skin and frequent flare ups of perioral dermatitis… and I was worried this mask would be too harsh. But it’s caused no problems and actually seems to help with the inflammation ( along with the excellent Gaelle toner )

Serum Supérieure
Chana Boden
Great skin care!

I was introduced to Gaelle’s skin care several years ago. I love the way my skin feels after every use. If you are looking for a great skin care, this is it!

Crème Supérieure
Sheila Kmoch
continuing skin health

Gaelle products continue to keep my aging skin moist and healthy.


I was skeptical about buying a soap Bar as a cleanser. But I was pleasantly surprised this soap bar was so hydrating left my skin soft and clean.

Ultra Sensitive Crème
catherine dees
You had me at Creme Superieure

I’m an 84-year-old California woman with slightly oily skin. I take minimal care and don’t wear makeup except for eyeliner and lip gloss. A few years back I had the most wonderful facial I had ever experienced. Afterwards, I said, “Tell me what you used. It feels heavenly!” The aesthetician told me it was Gaelle’s Creme Superieure. I purchased a jar on the spot. It wasn’t like anything I had been using, and I had tried many other “natural” moisturizing creams, including Dr. Hauschka’s line. The quality of ingredients is the highest, but what keeps me re-
ordering through the years is the way it feels on my skin. Silken, with enough substance that it keeps my skin glowing in such a healthy way. Later, I tried the Ultra Sensitive Cream, which feels a bit lighter but still give me that glow. I alternate, depending on what my face tells me it needs that day. I also use and like the Toner Superieure. Besides their outstanding products, I’m impressed with the ethical values behind Gaelle Organic. Very important to me.